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Truth or myth? Five common assumptions about the implementation of secure boot in embedded Linux-based devices

Secure boot is an important link in the chain of security for PCs. But embedded devices based on a Linux® operating environment are equally compromised if a rogue Linux image is permitted to run on them. It might seem surprising, then, that the secure boot function is not today universally implemented in Linux-based embedded devices.
Perhaps this is partly because many embedded developers continue to nurse various assumptions about secure boot – assumptions which in some cases are misleading or even downright false. In the course of MontaVista’s many conversations about security with embedded developers, five of these preconceived ideas about secure boot recur time and again.


Embedded Linux Development Platforms

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Stop cybercrime now by embedding robust security

Cybercrime is on a steep trajectory of growth with estimated business in the trillions and no signs of stopping. And with more and more connected, intelligent devices being deployed, making them withstand zero day attacks targeting exploits found in vulnerabilities such as Meltdown/Spectre or Heartbleed is no longer an option. It is a must.


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MontaVista CGE 7 delivers reliable, secure, and serviceable Linux to interconnected embedded devices and high performance net-works.

In recent years, there has been a change in the way Network Equip-ment Providers (NEPs) and Telecom companies develop their net-work infrastructure applications.


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Linux Integrity Management in Action - Unchanged to Unchangeable

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