Cloud RAN C-RAN Application Development

Advanced Graphics Profile with MontaVista CGX 2.2 In Action
MontaVista Carrier Grade eXpress (CGX 2.2) offer's an advanced Graphics profile. CGX 2.2 Graphics profile includes building blocks for embedded developers considering User Interface development with 2D/3D and accelerated graphics applications. This demonstration showcases some of the default Graphics profile components available.

Linux Integrity Management in Action - Unchanged to Unchangeable
Overall Linux Integrity Subsystem, composed of a number of related components, including in-kernel IMA/EVM along with concept of trusted and encrypted keys. Integrity here means not just unchanged, but "unchangeable", or "immutable" and it requires a system wide "Root of Trust" to ensure this. In the demo, we use Integrity Function modules to showcase how to protect against both On-line & Off-line tampering attempts with Linux Integrity Management.

Demonstration: IoT Edge Computing
CGX2.2: Arichitecture Demonstration Overview

IoT - Secure IoT Gateway: Cavium Octeon Tx + MontaVista CGX
Showcasing MontaVista IoT Profile extensions on CAVIUM Octeon Tx (ARM) Gateway reference solution

Telco/5G - Cloud RAN (C-RAN) application: Cavium ThunderX + MontaVista CGX
Showcasing MontaVista Virtualization technology on CAVIUM ThunderX (ARM V8)

Enable and Measure "Real Time" in Linux
What is Real time Linux? How to enable and measure? Demonstration video with sample results using MontaVista CGE7

LXC - The Linux Container Technology
Understanding the Linux Containers, How to setup/use along with an overview of advantages and challenges for the same.

Tutorial (a)
Use GNU GDB for reverse debugging

Tutorial (b)
Use Linux Trace Tool (LLTng) for embedded cross development

Tutorial (c)
Use Linux Trace Tool (LLTng) and GNU GDB for remote debugging

Tutorial (d)
Using Flight Recorder with LTTng

Tutorial (e)
LTTng advanced - merging traces and synchronize

Tutorial (f)
Convert Perf tool output to CTF format for analysis

LTTng Advanced